What is Cydia?
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Cydia is a software application for iOS

(Apple's operating system on mobile devices) that enables users to find and install packages and apps not available in the official Apple App Store, to say it simply, Cydia is another app store itself, Cydia is just the alternative to the only other app outlet for software and apps, the Apple App Store.

To get Cydia you have to jailbreak your device first, Cydia is installed when you jailbreak your iphone, ipad, ipod touch or Apple TV, if you are using a proper jailbreak software the Cydia app will automatically install with the jailbreak download, in some cases you will have to select cydia to be installed with jailbreak.

Cydia has lots of free apps and software, and many paid apps and software, the benefit of the cydia app store over apple app store is cydia has many options for changing settings on your iOS device, and changing the look with so many different themes that are available, none of which are available at the apple app store!

The reason there is need for cydia is not all apps are approved by apple, be it the app or software is to close to an app that apple already produces and offers, or a number of other reasons that apple has put into place. Another reason Cydia is needed is Apple feels all it's devices should have the same look, but with cydia you can download themes and settings customization to make your device look the way you want it to look and operate!
Cydia was created by Jay Freeman and his company name is SaurikIT. The name cydia was a pretty cool play on words, it was named after the Codling Moth which starts as a "worm in the apple", the scientific word for this is Cydia Pomonella.

The way cydia works is through a graphical user interface for a distribution of the Advanced Packaging Tool known as Telesphoreo. Apps and software packages are downloaded directly from cydia to an iOS device in the same location as apple's pre-installed apps in the /Applications directory. Cydia allows users to search through it's directory of source packages and install them directly to their device.

When downloading new apps and software from cydia you should always back up your device for safe keeping and do some research on the app or software you are after because unlike apple app store, apps and software in the cydia store are not checked as apple does, this may mean the app only works on certain devices or has bad code and will crash your device or for a number of other reasons.

To get cydia we recommend you jailbreak your device through us , we will refer you to another site that offers a paid jailbreak service with constant updates to new iOS releases and updates, we caution users from using free jailbreaks as they can contain harmful files to your device, lack proper updates, or only work on certain devices, worst case they could even crash your phone making it a brick and voiding all manufacturers warranties.

For only $24.99 USD you can jailbreak and have cydia on your iOS device in 5-10 minutes, if you would like to jailbreak a device now click the BUY NOW button below to download cydia.